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Coz's Corner

Coz’s Corner: A New Year

The time has come yet again. A New Year and another chance for a New You! Easier said than done that's for sure. With the new year, I deci...
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Kinect to 5K and Beyond

It's really working. Just over a month ago, I finally buckled down and started working out regularly. Until that point, my exercise consis...
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Note the crazy hair and lack of make-up.  Aaaahhh, friday!

Weekly Weigh-In

Minus 1 pound!  I did it!  I broke my plateau and I'm finally out of the ridiculously frustrating pound that I was stuck in for almost a mont...
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Losing a Whole Person

I feel like its time for another session of my "thoughts on life". I had a bit of a revelation yesterday as my girlfriend and I were on th...
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