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Coz’s Corner: Nature is my Cigarette

Or you might have heard some people refer to it as their church. Either way, it is my addiction. Correction, my healthy addiction. Whether runnin...
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Just a few minutes after we passed the Start line!

My First 5K

We did it!  My girlfriend and I finally completed our first 5K!  Wow.  What a rush of emotions.  It was amazing to be two people in a crowd o...
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Kinect to 5K and Beyond

It's really working. Just over a month ago, I finally buckled down and started working out regularly. Until that point, my exercise consis...
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boston terrier

Illinois Marathon Here I Come!!

Friends and (blog) followers,  I hereby announce that my girlfriend and I will be participating in our first 5K!  We are lucky enough to live...
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