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Biscuit Eater

AAAHHH!!! VEGAN BISCUITS!!! I think I just peed my pants in excitement. I went to Ruby Tuesdays with Jess the other night and had a sad little...
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white bbq grilled chicken

Grill, Brine and Sunshine

Sunshine!  It's here!  It might not stay too long, so we MUST take advantage of it now.  How am I going to do that?  GRILLING!!!  (Am I too excit...
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chicken francais

Chicken Francais

I've never really been a fan of cooked or baked lemon-flavored things. Lemon squares? Forget it. NY Cheesecake with a slight lemony flavor? Total...
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Greek Feta Shrimp

Simple Greek Feta Shrimp

Whenever we know we're going to be gone for a long weekend or more, we eat what's in our fridge according to it's expiration date. For exampl...
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