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Peas and Pancetta Pasta Topper

Sometimes I get really tired of red sauce.  I always have to wear shirts that I'm okay with getting spots on because I tend to slurp.  I usua...
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low-fat alfredo sauce

Angela’s Alfredo Sauce

I am a proud Italian (amongst other things). I love our history of food and family, of sauce and noodles, of loud fights that include lots of...
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chicken francais

Chicken Francais

I've never really been a fan of cooked or baked lemon-flavored things. Lemon squares? Forget it. NY Cheesecake with a slight lemony flavor? Total...
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parmesan crusted asparagus

Parmesan Crusted Asparagus

Introducing another one of my favorite green veggies.... Asparagus!  It's so succulent and juicy and a perfect compliment for almost any meat you...
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