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Honey Mustard Salmon

DEEEELICIOUS! That's what this looks like. I'm a big fan of the honey-mustard combination and I'm always looking for new flavors to try with salm...
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amber lager and honey chicken

Chicken with Amber Lager and Honey

Here's the recipe I promised you! I didn't get it up on Saturday, but life happens, ya know? We were busy people this weekend! The weather was ab...
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snowpocalypse hot cocoa

Snowpocalypse Hot Cocoa

In case you haven't heard, the plains of the USA are being attacked by Mother Nature.  30 of the 50 states are being pelted with icy rain, sl...
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savory breaded shrimp

Savory Breaded Shrimp

Ladies and gentle men, I give you my most delicious shrimp dish ever.  From the moment you take your first bite, you will experience a little...
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