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Banana Bread Cookies!

Ohhh, it's been soooo loooong! To recap, life is effing crazy, but we're finally in our own place in a beautiful vintage building in an awesome c...
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cookies, dessert, chocolate, mudslide

Mudslide Cookies

Let's get honest for a minute here.  There's a solid week every month that women are allowed to be bitchy more abrupt than usual.  This coinc...
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orange, basil, cookies, dessert

Orange Basil Cookies

And here we have another tasty re-blog! The Potlicker is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs with her inventive recipes and delicious pictu...
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guinness, chocolate chip, cookies, dessert

St. Patty’s Day Sugar Rush

I love you all.  You should know this.  Especially after taking a look at all the tender love and care that I put into finding tasty desserts f...
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black and white cake cookies chobani

Black and White Cake Cookies

People, I have been a BAD foodie lately. I've been eating what I want and too much of it. My past few weigh-ins have shown it too - almost th...
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crisp pecan cookies

Crisp Pecan Cookies… oh, and a Weigh-In

I really need to stop with this cookie and brownie making.  I have a sweet tooth the size of Montana and cookies get me into trouble.  I have...
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cocoa fudge cookies

Cocoa Fudge Cookies

Okay.  I am starting to see that my sugar addiction is affecting my blogging.  I've put up more cookie recipes in the past month than necessa...
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vanilla meringue cookies

Vanilla Meringue Cookies

Stiff peaks. Nice stiff peaks. They are the secret to perfect meringues. Hell, they're the secret to lots of things.  But that's not the kind of ...
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chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies come in one of three ways - soft, chewy or crunchy. Each has it's own pros and cons, but who cares about the cons of c...
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peanut butter cookies five ingredients

Five Ingredients, One Perfect Cookie

I'm not kidding.  This cookie is sensational!  Imagine peace on earth.... these cookies would be there.  They're creamy, crunchy, chocolatey ...
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chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've looked for a great, low-point cookie recipe since the end of October. I saw this recipe a few times and kind of avoided it because it lo...
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