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turtle, tortoise, slow your roll

Coz’s Corner: Slow Your Roll!

So many times I find myself getting home from work and immediately standing with the refrigerator open and rushing to consume what little bites a...
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nature, trees

Coz’s Corner: Nature is my Cigarette

Or you might have heard some people refer to it as their church. Either way, it is my addiction. Correction, my healthy addiction. Whether runnin...
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Coz’s Corner: Spice and Dice

Growing up in the Midwest and living here for all of my life, I was raised on pizza, potatoes and pasta (and maybe a few other things). Salt and ...
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Coz's Corner

Coz’s Corner: A New Year

The time has come yet again. A New Year and another chance for a New You! Easier said than done that's for sure. With the new year, I deci...
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