It’s time for an update! Life has changed a lot since Jess and I got married and we’re still in the process of making some other decisions that will change our lives even more (and for the better). I can’t talk about some of those things yet because they’re not set in stone, but I can talk about one thing.

bird cake, wedding cake, servatti's, servatii's

Our beautiful wedding cake that went along with the unintentional wedding theme of “Put a bird on it!”

The diet starts over again for the both of us today. Jess has been running again and I’m walking again! Points shall be tracked, muscles shall be built up and weight shall be lost once more! For a while there I just stopped losing and maintained my weight loss because I needed to focus on the wedding and honeymoon. Reasonable, right? I just needed to LIVE. I couldn’t focus on much more.

I’ll be honest, though. I lost most of my mojo when someone (that I love very much) challenged me to “lose as much weight as possible before the wedding so that I could shock everyone.” I know they meant to be helpful and that it was said out of love, but the minute it came out of their mouth, something in me changed. I felt like my weight loss stopped being a healthy journey for me and became a “show” for other people. I tried losing weight after that, but every time I’d start to track my food, I lost interest. Every time someone brought in goodies at work, I ate one… or maybe two. I even talked about it with my therapist. It’s funny how good-intentioned comments can have just a drastic effect on a person. A week later, I decided to stop focusing on the weight loss; I already felt beautiful in my wedding dress and I knew I was going to shock people anyway! I needed a break.

A bunch of my cousins looking just smashing, don’t you think?

It was a beautiful wedding weekend and a blissful honeymoon (in Seattle!) Jess and I put SO MUCH time and effort into planning the whole thing. Our moms helped out so much, especially my mom, since the family reception venue was local to her. We just can’t thank them enough! And everything turned out more amazing than we could have imagined. The courthouse ceremony was short and sweet, but we did write our own vows, so that made it more personal… and made everyone cry :)

These are the people that created me. See the wacky resemblances?

The friend reception was beautifully decorated by our own crew of family members that came to the courthouse, and we served delicious Thai food from our favorite Thai place! The dessert table was a wedding gift from a co-worker and she totally rocked it with homemade marshmallows (caramel and pb) with a little Bunsen burner for smore-making, pizzelles, cream puffs (vanilla, caramel and pumpkin spice), vegan black bottom cupcakes (tofutti and choco chips in some, cherry pie filling in the others) and chai caramels… all homemade!

These are my darling grandparents. They all picked EXACTLY the right props.

The family reception took place at a hotel/conference center, so everyone who drove in to town was able to party downstairs and then go up to their room to sleep off the drunkenness :) And almost everyone was drunk by midnight, lol. It was amazing. We are a combined family of fun, loud, talkative drunks. At 10pm, the reception room was closed off, but the hotel had a bistro with a full bar in it that stayed open until 2am. We closed it. I’ve never seen so many people in my family drunk at one time…. It. Was. Fantastic. Before all the drunkenness, the actual reception was a blast! Again, we decorated the whole place with the help of family members. Jess did the paper lanterns, I did the centerpieces and we both made the escort cards. Jess curated all the music and everyone in there danced at least once. My Noni was even the head of a conga line! Jess and I made photo props for the friend reception and brought those, along with cards and other games, to the family reception and they were a huge hit! My friend, Sara Taylor, from high school took our photos and they turned out beautiful (as you can tell).

Me and my Uncle Tony. He’s the other cook in the family. I’m going to work in his restaurant some day! And this photo is going on the wall in the kitchen.

Our honeymoon in Seattle was amazing. If you haven’t gone there yet, you need to go NOW. It’s so green and calm and artsy! It only rained the last part of our trip, but we love the rain, so it wasn’t bad. And it wasn’t gray all the time like people seem to think it is! Because of the rain, everything is so lush and vibrant. Chicago may be sunnier, but Seattle is definitely not a concrete jungle. We ate at delicious restaurants, spent hours at Pike’s Market, went up the Space Needle, toured a Dale Chihuly glass exhibit and did a lot of relaxing. It was much needed and sooooo worth it. We definitely want to go back.

crabs, pike's market

Jess took this awesome photo of crabs for sale at Pike’s Market! Don’t they look hilarious?

Although I maintained my weight loss (with about a five pound fluctuation) through all the events of these last two months, I’ve gained a few pounds more in the last couple weeks and I’m just done with it. I’m ready to feel good again. I’m ready to lose another 50 lbs so that I can make some healthy babies! That’s definitely the end goal. We want babies.

The hardest part is maintaing the motivation to do this every day again. I find myself doing really well for a day or two and then ruining it on the third day. Do you all experience that when you’re trying to get back on track? I’m promising to exercise AT LEAST twice a week; more if I can get it in. And I’m promising to track (and stay within my points) AT LEAST three days a week. I also just have to take it one day at a time. That’s the only way I can eventually get back on track until our life settles down a bit more. Does that sound like a cop out or a good coping strategy? One of these days I’ll actually go back to meetings… like when I can afford it! Come on, Weight Watchers, make it cheaper! Even poor people want help with losing weight!

Some of my favorite Dale Chihuly work.