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Warm and toasty goodies for the lucky winner!


Here was her winning entry:

Congratulations, Mermont84! picked number 35 and that was you!  Please send me your email and mailing info so I can get your package of WARM AND TOASTY goodies sent out to you :)  For all of you that entered (or didn’t enter), this dedicated woman entered 12 times.  In fact, her entries made up just over 1/4th of the total entries for  this contest.  Just this contest, though.  On her twitter account she states that her way of relaxing in her spare time is by entering blog giveaways and tweeting about them all the time.  Girl… it’s paying off!

That kind of stuff really DOES pay off, actually.  Remember Jenna Z who won the last RWWF L&G Box?  She’s won so much stuff from contests throughout the years that other people are benefitting… like me!  Jenna won four tickets to Medieval Times in Chicago and she invited me and Jess to go with her and her hubby.  We did that last night and it was so entertaining!  The food was pretty good (nothing special, though); Jess and I got one vegetarian meal and one regular meal and shared so we could get a more balanced meal.  We actually liked the veggie meal better – rice stuffed pepper, grilled veggie skewer, potato wedges and hummus and pita chips.  It was a good decision :)

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Please excuse the utter dorkiness.

Jenna’s also won everything from breast pumps to coupons for almond milk to high end strollers worth $250!  And once you win a prize, it’s your decision on what to do with it, whether it gets sold at work, lives in your basement or gets used every day.  It pays off for Jenna and it’s paying off for Mermont84.. it could pay off for you too!  There will definitely be another giveaway in the next few months, so stayed tuned for that.  How could I NOT give away a RWWF L&G Box around THANKSGIVING?!?!?

One more note – until Jess and I get back from our honeymoon in late October, blog posts might be a bit sparse, but I’m still going to get at least one up a week!  Please be patient with me; planning a wedding and two receptions AND a honeymoon is time-consuming work!  Lamo, but still worth the stress :)  I love you all!