Just sitting here with Frankie enjoying some of the new Blood Orange Chobani while I pick the winner!

Happy Monday, everyone!  It’s been one week since I started back on Weight Watchers and I’m happy to report a 2 lb loss!  I’m down to the lowest I’ve been since I started this whole journey and I’ve only got 8 more lbs until I reach my 50 lb loss milestone and get to FINALLY spend all my Christmas giftcards from the parentals on new clothes!  But enough of that, I know you all just want to know who won the giveaway!

There were 50 entries.  WOW.   That’s awesome!  So, I went over to random.org and it pulled up the number 38.  The 38th entry came from CAT!  She entered six times.  In fact, if you check out her twitter handle, she enters LOTS of contests, so obviously some of that determination is paying off!  Now she’ll be able to bake some muffins with the Cho just like she commented about!  Cat, you’ll need to send me all your information so I can get that case of Chobani sent out to you!  You can send it to the email address listed on my Contact Information page.

Can I just say how much I love doing giveaways?  I really need to do them more.  Well, the recipes with Chobani yogurt aren’t done yet, but you’ll just have to keep on reading and see what I post next!  I can tell you that a couple salad dressing recipes are coming up soon….