I did this at LEAST 15 times last night.  Why?  I was going through all my pants to see what was too big, what still fit, what almost fit and what will fit in 10-30 more lbs!  It was really quite exhilarating since I’m down almost another complete size!

My lovely friend, Elizabeth, gave me a huge bag of clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore (since she’s a rock star and lost like 55 lbs this past year).  All of it is stuff that I’ll eventually wear… and she’ll witness me strutting around the office in it too since we work together.

(Future Conversation)
Me – “Hey friend, did you see my snazzy pants and beautiful green shirt?”
Her – “Those look familiar….”
Me – “That’s because I raided your closet and stole yo sh*t.”
Her – “… Or because I gave them to you since I’m a super star and lost 55 lbs and can no longer keep them up without a massive belt!”

Now that I’ve finally gone through all my pants, I know that I have FOUR pairs of jeans to wear right now instead of two!  Those two pairs that have holes in them can be tossed rather than patched!  They were getting too big anyway.  I also have FOUR pairs of dressy pants that I haven’t worn in years!  I don’t usually wear dressy pants, though, since we can wear jeans to work, but it’s always good to have them on hand for special occasions, right?  I also have about 9 pairs of other pants in 3 lower sizes waiting to be worn.  WOOT!

Guess what?  I’m not the only one who’s almost into a lower size of pants.  My beautiful fiancee walked into work wearing pants that she hasn’t worn in two years!  WOO HOO!  All those 5Ks are paying off!  AAANNNDDD she finally gave in and bought a smart phone (iPhone 4, to be exact), so now she can use all those awesome free apps to track calories, exercise, etc!  She’s super pumped and I’m super pumped for her :)  Welcome to the 21st century, my love!

Okay, that’s my randomness for the day.  And if you too are gonna drop yo pants, don’t do it at work.  (Unless that’s your thing…. =D)