We have a handful of winners today!  So let’s get started.  The first winner of the Popchips Sampler Pack is….

Congratulations, Elle!  It’ll be nice to have food sent to your doorstep for once rather than you having to walk through the city of Chicago to find a grocery store, eh?  I know you’ll enjoy them.  I’m hoping to see some tweeting/tumblring about this!  =D

The second winner of the Popchips sampler pack is….

Melissa!!  This woman is on a winning streak (and proves the randomness of random.org).  She was the lucky winner of the case of Chobani in my most recent giveaway!  Girl, you aren’t going to need to buy snacks for a whole freaking month with all this winning!  Congratulations to you!  You will LOVE the salt and vinegar.

AAAANNNNNDDDDD…. because I lurve you all so much and I looooove to give out free stuff, I also random.org-ed two more winners for some awesome coupons!  Both of these winners will get THREE coupons.

1. One FREE 3oz bag of popchips (no purchase necessary) from a local store where they sell these awesome chips. I found mine at County Market, but I know they sell them at Target too!
2. Buy one, get one free! That one explains itself.
3. $1 off on your next bag! So if you still love them after you’ve used up the first two coupons, you can save another dollar if you go back for more.

First winner is….

Congratulations, Brittany!  Aren’t ya glad you started following my blog on Pulse??  I don’t even know what that is, but I know it’s paying off already!

Second winner is….

Congratulations to Tif!  Good luck on your WW journey and I hope these chips help during snack time!  The salt and pepper is SO GOOD.  I’m excited for you to try them!

So!  For all my lucky winners; please go to the Contact Page and email me your contact information.  Full addresses (no PO Boxes).  I’ll get all that sent out the minute I receive all your information.  Remember, each 1-0z serving of Popchips is 3 PP.  And keep on reading my blog, you never know when the next giveaway will happen!  I’ve gotta start poking at some companies so they’ll give me more stuff to giveaway :)