The list of people who entered the contest

Random winner has been chosen!

Congratulations, Dacia.  You’ll be getting some tasty cereal, a pedometer and an iPod armband soon!  So please make sure to send me an email with your name and address.

I know I’ve really been enjoying the pedometer.  If I don’t have pockets, I just stick it in my sports bra and go about my merry way.  It’s small enough that it can’t be seen and if you get all hot and sticky from working out, you know it ain’t gonna fall out!  Dacia, I’m excited to see just how many steps you take in a week, since I know you walk a LOT.

Stay tuned for the first Chobani recipe.  I gotta give you some recipes, right?  I’m done with traveling for a while, so life will get back to normal.  More recipe posts, more posts in general, and more exercising and eating right for me.  AND my birthday is on Sunday!  It shall be a good month :)  I’m determined to make it to a 30 lb loss by the end of this month.  Keep me accountable people!