Photo Courtesy of: The Tippy Toe Diet blog

My family has a history with Fiber One products.  Thanks to my brothers, Fiber One bars have been affectionately renamed “fart bars” due to their dramatic effect on the digestive system.  We’ve also tried a bunch of different cereals and I can’t say I’ve continued to buy them on a regular basis.  Sometimes a girl just doesn’t want her stomach or nether-regions singing opera to anyone within earshot of her cubicle.

When I signed up to get a free box of Fiber One 80 to try out, I thought I’d be getting a box of bland, twig-like cereal that would cause me to run to the bathroom a lot.  Why sign up?  The free pedometer and iPod armband thingy that came with it!  I thought I’d be crushing up the cereal and using it as a bread crumb coating for a chicken or fish dish.  But when the box showed up on my doorstep and I grabbed a handful to try, I was pleasantly surprised!  It has a great honey-sweetened flavor and it does NOT taste like twigs.  It doesn’t even look like twigs.  And it has a whopping TEN grams of fiber per serving!  (I didn’t rush to the bathroom all day, but I was definitely feeling lighter by the end of the day, lol).  In fact, one serving (3/4 cup) of Fiber One 80 is only 2 PP!

I’m already thinking of ways to use it in cooking rather than just eating it in a bowl with milk.  I was already planning on a parfait with some of the chobani, so I’m going to chop up some of this cereal, mix with some graham cracker and oats and make a super tasty carby layer for my parfaits.  Maybe it would be a good addition to a graham cracker crust for a pie of some sort…. the honey flavor would lend itself very nicely to a pie crust!

So yeah, I’m actually a fan of this new Fiber One 80 cereal.  I mixed some of it into my strawberry-banana chobani and had a blasty blast!  I recommend getting a box and trying it out for yourself.  Or… you could win a box of your own (plus a pedometer and an iPod armband!).  The pedometer is pretty cool too.  Small and perfect for a pocket… but easy to forget about (put it in your pocket, ANGELA!)

That’s right, you can win a Fiber One gift package right here!  It includes a box of the cereal, a pedometer and an iPod armband.  There are five ways to enter.  You can enter once or all five different ways.  Just make sure to follow the directions!  All entries must be completed by MONDAY, JULY 4th at MIDNIGHT.  The winner will be chosen on announced on July 5th.  Good luck!

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Note: the product, prize pack, information and giveaway have all been provided by Fiber One through MyBlogSpark.  All opinions of the product and prize pack are personal opinions (they didn’t pay me to speak on behalf of it all).