This is from last week’s weigh in. My “Switzerland” face.

I didn’t have a chance to put up a weigh-in post from last week, so the above picture shows what the results were – stayed the same.  No loss, but no gain.  I hadn’t been tracking my points very well, so I’m pretty sure that was the cause.  I’ve been keeping up with my exercise, but lately I’ve been ravenously hungry!  It’s all this exercising!  So, now my challenge is remembering to bring in healthy snacks to work so I’m not left lunging towards the free bottles of Starbucks Frappaccinos at work.

It’s hard work staying on track.  I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve looked at my point balance and said “Oh, an extra 4 points won’t matter.  I’m hungry!”  This week, I tried eating more salads (strawberries, feta cheese and sliced almonds.  YUM!), changed up my exercise routines to include some pilates and yoga instead of walking each time and I lost 2.5 pounds!

Another 2.5 lbs gone! I like this face better :)

I’m so close to my 10% loss! I’ll be purchasing my blog domain soon :) VERY EXCITING!  25.9 lbs all together so far and it feels great.

Some other exciting things are happening too.  Remember how I gave in to Twitter Fever?  Well, one of the advantages is being able to have direct contact with different people AND companies.  In the past couple months I’d tried multiple times to win a free case of Chobani Greek Yogurt from different people who had been chosen by Chobani to be their bloggers of the week.  I never won.  So I posted a tweet telling them if they made me their blogger of the week that I’d go crazy with recipes!  And they responded :)  So, the week of July 13th, I’ll officially be Chobani’s Featured Blogger of the Week!!  They’ll be sending me a free case of their yogurt to go nuts over and I’ll get to give away a free case to one lucky reader!

I plan on making a few different things with the ‘gurt.  Popsicles are definitely in my future.  So are parfaits, a bread or cake of some kind, and something a little savory too.  I bought a pineapple one from Meijer the other day and it was heaven in my mouth.  Very satisfying!  I’m so excited to be able to try all sorts of new recipes, but especially to be able to give away a free case of the stuff!  WOOT WOOT!!

There’s also another giveaway coming this summer, but the details are being worked out right now.  Let’s just say… if you aren’t vegetarian, then you’ll be excited about this one!  Speaking of non-vegetarian activities, I’ll be doing more grilling this weekend!  We’re having a little party at our place this weekend since my beautiful girlfriend is turning 25!  Chicken and burgers are on the menu.  Saucy Italian Chicken and special BBQ burgers, to be exact.  I’ve made these special BBQ burgers twice now and each time they’ve been AMAZING.  Recipe will be coming soon!  After the party, we’re doing karaoke korean-style at a local place.  80s and 90s power ballads will be sung after drinks have been served and I’m guessing we’ll be sleeping off boozy love songs on Sunday!  Have I mentioned how much I’m loving this summer?