It’s been a great month for cooking so far.  I’ve been able to try a lot of new recipes and stock up on some previously used ones!

New Recipe Tryouts
– Mediterranean Chicken with Couscous
– WW Brownies
Chinese Noodle Soup with Chicken and Arugula
Ham and Arugula Crepes
Crisp Pecan Cookies
Curried Chicken Corn Chowder

Recipe Re-runs (it’s only been like 7 days, so there aren’t as many reruns!)
Homemade Corn Tortillas
Mexican Meatloaf

That’s a lot of cooking!  That’s a lot of eating too.  I must admit, I did not do so well at NOT shoveling it in this weekend.  I was just craving everything in sight!  The two obvious reasons are out the window (pregnancy and PMS), so the only conclusion I have is that I’m working out more and burning a lot of calories, so my body is craving more.  I didn’t even track points!  Goo.  I did keep up with my workouts, though, so I’m proud of myself for that!  Monday started a new day, but I still went over my points.  Damn those fiesta fajitas at the new Mexican place in town!  They were good, though.

How do you all get through the muck when you’ve had a bad couple of days eating-wise?  I’m just doing my best not to snack so much at work (or eat grapefruits and WW snack bars instead), but I’m just craving the carbs when I come home.  Sometimes it’s hard being Irish/Italian!  All you want is pasta and starches.  I KNOW I’m not alone in this, lol.  Exercise has been my lifesaver, though, and fresh filtered water.

Ah well, I’ll get through it.  The switch has been flipped, so I’m not giving up, that’s for sure.  But I need to pull myself out of this rut and get back to basics.  I know how to do the program.  I know what to eat and how much of it is too much.  I just had a momentary set back.  The weather is getting warmer, so my girlfriend and I can take Max on more walks and get ready for this 5K at the same time.  So excited!  I may even do a teeny bit of running.  Don’t want to hurt my knees, though!

Wow.  Lots of random thoughts today.  Thanks for putting up with my babble.  I’ll be putting up the recipes for the Crisp Pecan Cookies, WW Brownies and Chinese Noodle Soup in the next week or two, so look forward to those!  And here’s a little picture to get you excited….

Crisp Pecan Cookies. 2 PP each… and totally worth it!