+ 2/10ths.

It’s gotta be muscle. There’s no possible way it could be fat because I’ve been sticking to my 4-5 workouts a week and eating within my points! I also feel pretty amazing in general, so that scale can go beat itself against my tiled bathroom floor. You know that one yoga position called the “boat pose” where you sit on the ground with your legs raised off the ground and parallel to the floor and you have your arms stretched out along side your calves and you have to hold it there? I can do it almost completely without shaking now! When I first did it, my body was shaking like crazy because my core strength was so underdeveloped. Not anymore! My girlfriend and I also went for our usual warm weather walk this morning because it was so nice out and we walked twice the distance in the same amount of time as we used to in the summer and fall! We have to train for the 5K anyway, so it was a nice surprise to figure out that we were in way better shape! Maxwell enjoyed it too.

I’m just anxious to get to that point where all my hard work will really start to show on the SCALE. I should have taken measurements around my individual parts so that I could track progress that way too, but I didn’t. People can certainly tell that I’ve been toning up, though; my girlfriend has been too! It’s been a wonderful change for both of us. And I promise you, for every shirt or pant that I “out shrink”, I’m giving it away. No more fat pants! Although I might just keep one pair around to remind myself how far I’ve come.

My awesome Reluctant Losers have been doing so great too! Together we’ve lost almost 30 pounds in 3 weeks. AMAZING! As awesome as that is, the goal of getting healthy isn’t just to lose weight, it’s to GET HEALTHY. We have to remember that. Skinny people that can eat whatever they want and not gain weight aren’t necessarily healthy, they just got lucky with the genes. Heart disease and cancer and all those other diseases aren’t reserved for fat people. And just to set the record straight, not all “fat” people are unhealthy. I can definitely say that right now I am a big, beautiful, HEALTHY woman. I eat almost completely organic (except when going out) and I get my exercise. I cook with fresh ingredients and I make wonderfully balanced food as much as I can.

So yeah, the scale can go ***k itself :) I feel fantastic.