This is my plateau face. My mouth represents the tiny up/down motion of my weight for the past month! Heh.

minus two tenths! Erm… I guess I should be okay with it, but I’ve definitely hit a mini-plateau. I’ve been within 2/10ths of this stupid number for almost a month now. But the girlfriend lost 1.8! And my mom lost 4!!

I may need to re-inspire myself by reading through my rewards and thoughts on life, but I am SOOOO glad to know I’ve been inspiring others! Did you all know that so far, four different people have started or re-started weight watchers because of this blog!? How awesome is that!  In fact, it’s inspired an idea, but I need all of your thoughts and opinions about it.

What would you think about having a “Weekly Weigh-In” page on this blog to help keep us all just a bit more accountable?  You could use either your first name or a nickname.  You wouldn’t have to put your weight, just what you’ve lost or gained since your recent start date.  You could put up a before picture if you want and make room for an after picture, and even list out your own rewards and stuff!  It would be like a mini support community.  You’d just have to respond to my “weekly weigh-in” email and I could post it on the page for you (at least until I have full control over my blog and can set up a community forum of sorts).  I could make up little badges and awards to put by your names when you’ve reached goals and such.  You don’t even have to be doing Weight Watchers, necessarily.  You could just be eating better and trying to be healthier and losing weight in the process.

It could be so much fun!  And especially helpful for those of you who are just doing it online and not going to meetings.  I’d love to set it up if there’s an interest.  If there’s even ONE person interested, I will set it up.

So send me your thoughts and let me know if you’re interested.  You could be out there as yourself or out there with an alias.  You can be accountable to yourself and to others.  We could all do it together.