Yay for weight loss and hot tea on a cold morning!

Minus 1.6!

Somehow, by the grace of GOD, I lost weight during Thanksgiving in Luckey!  So that means I got rid of that stupid pound that I gained last week and leg-lifted off just a little bit more!  WOO HOO!  So, my total weight loss so far is 7.6 lbs.  It was a great start to an interesting and informative meeting.  And now we have a new plan to follow….

It’s actually kind of exciting.  (WhAt?!?  Why would the reluctant WW foodie say that about a whole new plan!?!?)  Well, here’s why.  I’ve watched countless documentaries about how food is grown, produced and prepared and how it affects us and our bodies.  Certain foods make our bodies work harder (in a good way) to digest it and to pull out all the nutrients that body needs.  This is why a well balanced diet is so important.  It would be just as unhealthy to live off of french fries alone as it would be to live off of grapefruit alone.  Neither “diet” provides the necessary nutrients your body needs to thrive.  You’d end up with vitamin deficiencies and other health issues (and probably a case of the runs if you were only eating french fries!)

Back to the point…. WW has taken all this into consideration and they now count four things in each food item to create their PointsPlus value – fat, carbs, protein and fiber.  Those four things make up a calorie, so it makes sense!  One of the big problems with the last plan was that if you were given the choice between a candy bar and a piece of fruit to use your last points on, most people would choose the candy bar.  Why?  Because if they are both the same points value, you’d might as well “eat what you want”!  People were choosing the candy bar over the fruit each time (as long as they stayed within their points).  Now, ALL fruit is zero points and most vegetables are too!  If you’re hungry and you don’t want to go over your points, eat an apple or a banana.  They’re free!  (Points-wise, only.  Don’t be walking into a grocery store and start eating up their produce and telling them I said it was free!)  WW is now encouraging you (and giving you a good reason) to eat healthier options like fruits and vegetables.

Good job, WW.  You’re keeping up with the times!  You’ve advanced in your intelligence and finally given us a plan that encourages us to eat healthy and to not east whatever you want (but its still all up to the individual!)

Downsides?  The ice cream sandwiches that were originally two points are now four :(  All of the WW soups I bought in a frenzy when they were on sale are now at least twice as many points per serving on average :(  Upsides?  We get more points!  It really evens itself out.  And so far, I’m finding it to be much easier to stay within my points.  I also purchased some really helpful tools to keep me on track.

With this new, complicated equation for figuring out points, little gold books with a point converter just weren’t possible, so they went all techie (YES!!!!) and created little blue PointsPlus calculators.  They track your daily points, they recalculate your points right there for you each week with your new weight and they also convert points for you.  You just plug in the numbers and it calculates it all in its teeny weeny metal brain.  I love it.  It’s so much easier to carry around  and it’s waaaay more appealing to whip it out to calculate things while at the store or in a restaurant rather than that gold book with all its pages and logos all over it.  I may want to lose weight, but I don’t want it to be obvious to other random people (or my waiter!).  I also bought a dining out companion book and an everyday foods guide.  Always helpful to have those in stock!

So things are back on track, I’m excited about these new changes and I’m looking forward to where this journey is taking me.  Now, time to recalculate all these recipes I’ve posted!  Grrr….