Plus one.

Well, shit. I could blame it on the stress of this last week, sure, but I know I also did my own damage. I ate way too many carbs and sugar and didn’t have enough veggies or water. I didn’t exercise other than some leg lifts every morning, even though I was planning on doing a little more. I didn’t have to pig out on pizza the other night (especially right before a weigh-in!), but I did. I also used more of my splurge points this week. Not all, but most.

What’s with splurge points any way if you just end up gaining!?! I think it’s a flaw in the plan. They should say, “If you use most of your splurge points, you’ll probably gain weight back, so it’s up to you!” Then we’ll see how popular they really are!

I ate a LOT more carbs. More noodles, more potatoes, more pizza, more sugar…. I was shooting myself in the foot. I’m not a carb-a-holic, but apparently I was craving them this week! My girlfriend and I bought these AMAZING skinny cow ice cream sandwiches from Sam’s Club this past weekend. If I could, I would eat them all day every day. I had two a day a few days this week. She yelled at me. She’s right, though. I don’t need to have two a day just because they’re there! And it doesn’t matter how many points they are. It’s still ice cream and you can’t be healthy and lose weight on an all ice-cream diet.

Let me just make a disclaimer; it really was a very stressful week. There was a new release at work, my girlfriend worked almost 15 hours of overtime, including at least an hour both weekend days and I was doing my best to be a good support system. One of the ways I know how to do that is through food. I cook what people want, not necessarily what they need. I didn’t take care of myself or her like I should have. But I’m going to do better next time. (The other way is through snuggles and I’ve got that down to an artform =D)

Exercise, exercise. It’s always such a chore. At least that’s how it feels at this point in my life. I’ve been making changes, but they’re slow! I walked to and from work a few times this past week and when we had pizza, we walked to and from the place where we got it (Vinny’s on Kirby Ave.) I already told you all about my bad luck with exercise, so I’m not going to worry too much about this, but it’s definitely still on my mind.

Well, I’m not completely disheartened. I knew going into this Weight Watchers journey that it wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows, so I was already prepared for this. All I know is that I can do better this coming week and work REALLY hard at not pigging out at the two separate Thanksgivings I’ll be going to with my girlfriend. A little bit of turkey, a bit of mashed potatoes and a LOT of veggies!

It’s going to be tough, but I’ve got to do it. I already feel better. I may not have lost weight this week, but I have already gained health. I feel lighter, I move quicker, my back issues aren’t as bad, my knees don’t creak as much and I’m not as tired. Pound schmound. It can kiss my booty goodbye because I’m getting rid of it next week!