Drumroll please….

I lost SEVEN POUNDS!!!  And my girlfriend lost 5.5 POUNDS!!!!  @*#%&(!@&$@#!!!!!

This is my excited face! And that’s Frankie. She’s totally excited too, obviously.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me just say…. MY COOKING WORKS!  Hehehe.  I’m not kidding!  With the help of a fantastic plan and system provided by Weight Watchers, my girlfriend and I both got our “5 lbs” star!  I’m excited, but I promise you, I’m still a bit reluctant.  The first week of a new diet is usually a good one, but we’re definitely doing something right.  That became clear to us as we sat in our little meeting.  Some of the members were talking about how hungry they’d been throughout the week and the girlfriend and I looked at each other and said “Um, nope.  We were hardly ever hungry.”  The only time I was hungry was when I ate at my desk and all I had was a can of soup.  Lord knows I need a bit more sustenance than that!  Luckily, I keep a stash of Thai soups at my desk (although they are 6 pts each) so I just had one of those a couple hours later.

Here’s what I did this past week that was different than my non-diet weeks before:

My favorite yogurt

– 10 leg lifts on each side before I rolled out of bed in the mornings
– two 10-minute dance workouts from Netflix (I’m not a fan of exercise, can you tell?)
– ate a LOT of vegetables. Mostly potatoes and broccoli!
– made myself a great 5-9 pt breakfast every morning to tide me over until lunch
– had an organic probiotic yogurt every morning too
– ate lots of soup with salads/sandwiches for lunch, mostly organic tomato soup
– left out the mayo on any sandwich I had
– used Pam Canola Spray more often than a tbsp of oil when cooking on the stove (I really liked cooking with lots of olive/sesame oil)
– walked to work a couple times

The exercise was a big step. I have a BAAAAAD history with exercise. Even worse than diets. Diets don’t hurt when I fall off the bandwagon. In my exercise history, every time in the past four years that I’ve become regularly active and relatively gung-ho about it, whether walking every morning, hitting up the elliptical at the gym in the evenings, or joining Curves (yeeesh.), within a couple weeks I end up pulling my back so badly that I’m completely out of commission for at LEAST a week! Oh, it’s horrible. My recurrent back issues are something I’ve dealt with since my senior year of high school, but now I go to a chiropractor on a regular basis, so things have gotten much better… except for the fact that my back is a wuss when it comes to this damn “active lifestyle” crap!

It’s like my body says “F*CK THIS SH*T!” and yanks me out of commission. I push myself too hard because I start to feel really strong and my body just can’t keep up. And the back pain hurts too much to do it anymore, so I’ve restarted with leg lifts and short, mild workouts only! It’s something I can actually do and not feel overwhelmed or worried about and that’s important. My diet is easy for me to change. My exercise; not so much. This is where most of my reluctance lies.

At this point, things are looking good, I’m feeling like this is something I can really do, and it’s definitely making a big impact. I feel stronger, I feel healthier and my body is returning to a normal state of being (in monthly womanly aspects, if you get my drift.). Those are great signs! So remember to USE MY RECIPES if you want to introduce a little thing called “healthy” into your foodie life!

4 point breakfast – 3 slices turkey bacon and two eggs (one yolk) w/ Adobo!